Greg goes golden

We’re proud to announce that we have an Oscar winner in the house! Before joining Remedy, our VFX mastermind Greg worked on the critically acclaimed Alfonso Cuarón film Gravity. The movie received – among many other category wins – an Academy award for visual effects last night.

“Just like game development, creating visual effects is based on teamwork. I’m honored to have been part of Gravity’s hard working team with very talented peers, supervisor and a great director. It’s an easy transition from movies to games, and now I get to put my skills to the test with Quantum Break.”

Our Aussie was part of the award-winning VFX team, and his Down Under touch might be noticeable especially in some of the indoor scenes of the movie. Remedy would like to congratulate all Oscar winners and nominees for their outstanding work in film during the past year. Thanks for inspiring us, and making our games bursting with pop culture references possible.

If you would like to join our award-winning team of masterminds, you’re in luck! We have a royal amount of open positions available, waiting to be filled by a wide range of talents. Check out the updated job list here.