Meet the new remedians

We recently sat down with our newest employees and trainees for a nice little chat about working at Remedy. Eva, Matti, Robert, Timo and Waltteri all became “remedians” when joining the company shortly after we moved to our new studio in December.

“Remedy has a funny contrast really, on one hand there’s such a casual environment with people socializing, chatting about games or playing pool while sipping free soda. On the other hand it’s such a creative place to be, and even trainees are given demanding tasks and responsibility. Probably the best word to describe Remedy is ambitious: everything is done in earnest.”

Our new guys (and gal!) come from various backgrounds. Some have gained years of experience working on games, others found their way here straight out of school. One of them didn’t even have a clue about the gaming industry, but ended up sending an application after googling open positions and finding a new interest in games.

“Remedy is worth applying to even though you don’t live in Finland, their re-location people really look after you and make the move painless. It’s one of the only Finnish AAA-studios and its reputation exceeds itself. I came here because Remedy is one of the few companies in the world that makes such cinematic, atmospheric and story-driven games.”

Although everyone seems content with Remedy, it seems that there’s still one thing missing. “More employees please! We need even more great talent to come work with us both on the unannounced triple A thing and the iOS project. Hey, and having new pool opponents wouldn’t be that bad either.”